Friday, January 25, 2013

Verve Stamps Winner

I am pleased to announce the winner of the Verve stamps and die giveaway is Karen Day...woohooo!  Karen as soon as I get your information I can ship these out.  Thanks to all who stopped by and commented, I plan on having more giveaways this year; so be sure to check back often!


  1. Congratulations to Karen, what a nice end to the week :) and thank you to you Teresa for giving us all the opportunity to win, you're very generous :)

    I stop by your blog every day and really should comment more often but I fear I shall sound like a broken record! :)

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Well, talk about waking up to a happy email this morning! Yay me! Thanks so much Teresa, I can hardly wait :o)

  3. Miss you.....praying you are well and things are okay.


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