Friday, November 16, 2018

long over due new adventure

hello friends, I am sorry it has taken me so long to give everyone an update....this is very painful! Most of you know I lost my father in may, leaving me parentless! It has been the most difficult time in my life by far...I was a daddy's girl! Something in me changed the moment I learned of his passing...change is not always bad! For some reason card making took a very back seat, I no longer wanted to do it. But, because I am not a sit around kind of gal, his death also opened up something new in me, something I can remember and honor him in doing. Something that makes me feel closer to both of my parents! Our family has always had a love for antiques and older things, my mother and I would visit antique shops all the time. We went to a few auctions and my dad went through a period of working auctions. The hubs and I had talked about having a small booth in our local antique mall, so after my father's passing the pull to do it was overwhelming. So we opened a booth in our local antique mall october 1 and we have done very well. I am painting furniture, thriftin, junkin, pickin, hitting has been fun...a time of healing too! If you are ever in the area visit us at 50 lodge lane suit 106 verona, virginia...we are on 16th street in the mall. you can follow us on insta @rusticwarehouse72. I do not know when or if I will come back to card making, so with that said I have a ton of stuff to sell. If you are interested use the contact button on the side to contact me or you can contact me through etsy here. I appreciate each of you who have supported me in my card making over the past 14 years or so. I would luv for you to join me in my new adventure! At present I will not have a blog, but will be active on the insta account @rusticwarehouse72 thank you all so very much!