just 4 you

I am so glad you are here, this is a collection of need to know techniques and great finds that I have discovered or my own helpful hints just 4 you...enjoy!

Remember to always give credit to the illustrator or creator and link back to there instructions or tutorial.

3D Fabric Flower by Teresa Kline

Bow Making by Teresa Kline

Chalkboard Technique by Betsy Veldman

Circle Card Instructions by Teresa Kline 

Crinoline Flowers by Linda Coughlin

More Crinoline Flowers by Linda Coughlin

Decorative Label Punch Purse by Lynn Pratt  

Envelope Tutorial by Kim Duran

Fabric Flower Tutorial by  Katie Piotrowski

Felt Chrysanthemum by Mary Dawn  

Flower Pot Printable Template by Andrea Walford

Flower Turoiral by Gabrielle Pollacco

Grunge Paper Roses by Lynn Forsythe

Handmade Poinsettia by Lynn Forsythe 

Lantern Makeover by Kirsty

Loopy Flower Tutorial by Tosh Leyendekker 

Magnets by Tara Anderson

Paper Flowers by Wendy

Pom Pom Flowers by Anne Krashel

Rag Purse by Alicia Bongiorno  

Ribbon Flower Tutorial by Jennifer Ingerick  

Sunflower by Tammy 

Treasure Chest by Lori McCroskey