Monday, October 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged. How Cool Is That?

I have been tagged by Jaquieline, wow thanks so much!
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1. I became a Christian after September 11, 2001.....that day impacted my life for the good, I will be forever changed. Praise the Lord!

2. I have worked in a Chocolate factory for 20 years....really.

3. I have grown (you need ten inches) and cut my hair three times and donated it to Locks of Love. I have ten inches now and will soon be cutting it again. (I will give before and after pictures).

4. I have been seriously stamping for two years, I started about six years ago with mainly scrapbooking. I enjoy making cards the most.

5. My favorite color is green

6. I love Starbucks especially with good friends or my dh, dh and I go there alot.

7. I love to travel and want to see the world!

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  1. Hey there...thanks for tagging me girl!!

    I still can't believe you work in a Chocolate factory, that's got to be so cool!! My youngest son (he's 13) just cut his hair this summer for Lock of Love. He grew it for over a year and donated 12 inches! I think it's so cool. I've got too much gray and hair dye to donate :(
    hugs, Jami

  2. It's getting weirder!! 1. I {heart} Starbucks 2. I've donated to locks of love twice! 3. I love Jesus too 4. I WISH I worked in a chocolate factory ;) Is your bday in February?

    I hope to see the new baby puppy (oh, they're so precious) soon! My youngest, Ellie, is about 9 months old. She's over 55lb though--she might be a big one! I think your work is gorgeous and I'll certainly be keeping up with you!

  3. I'm a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan (even when we're not playing well!!). Oh man, we've got some catching up to do--it's like were long lost friends! I've got to go to bed now, but I truly am glad to have discovered you and your blog! Keep up the awesome work! In Him, Deborah Megan


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