Monday, February 20, 2012

Mojo Monday and Surprise Blog Hop For Julee!

I am soooo excited about my Mojo Sketch card for today, it is also a HUGE Surprise for Julee....surprise Julee!  The Verve divas, mojo  makers, and some super supportive friends of Julee's' have come together for a hop to honor her and the coming of the new baby boys!  I hope you enjoy the hop Julee, we have each offered up advice and words of wisdom for you.  
As you know, I do not have children of my own but as a woman and friend to you I say, listen to your boys; hear them and talk with them.  Play with them, the house work can wait.  Pick them up and hold them, one day you will not be able to and they will not want you to.  Get plenty of rest and believe in yourself, you are amazing and you will be an amazing Mom!  Lastly, but certainly not least teach them to know Jesus!

Here is the entire blog hop list, be sure to visit each gal and read there well wishes and advice!  The next gal on the list is Laurie,  enjoy the hop...thanks to everyone that helped make this possible!

Julee Tilman
Teresa Kline
Laurie Schmidlin 
Jen Tapler
Andrea Ewen
Debbie Carriere
Charmaine Ikach
Sankari Wegman
Shannan Teubner
Lori Craig
Maureen Plut
Toni Storie
Wanda Cullen
Amber Hight
Marisa Ritzen
Janelle Stollfus
Tosh Leyendekker
Jackie Pedro
Betty Wright
Jen del Muro
Lynda Benden
Stephanie Kraft
Mary Fish
Sarah Bigelow
Alma de la Rosa
Carole Burrage
Susan Lilies
Amy Sheffer
Taylor Van Bruggen
Clarire Brennan 

I have used the Verve set Practically Perfect.  I also put to use what I learned in the Copic Class I attended Friday...I have a long way to go so be  I am not happy with my skills, but I am sharing this with you in hopes that it will motivate me to keep practicing.  I did learn some things that I did not know and do hope that with practice I will see improvement.  I hope you have a super week...enjoy! 

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